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How to Take the Guesswork Out of Finding a Job

Get proven guidance to stand out as an applicant and begin a great career with your English degree

Here’s the problem with finding a job as an English major.

Increased competition for a small number of permanent teaching gigs means your professors have likely spent their entire careers in the English department. From undergrad to grad school to their first lecturer gig, they’ve spent years preparing to become professors.

Unfortunately, this means very few professors actually have non-academic professional experience. And many of those that do haven’t worked outside the English department for a long time.

How are you supposed to get practical, timely career mentorship so you can get a job? And how do you learn tricks to land interviews, find the right job skills, and become a competitive applicant – all before landing your first job?


What’s an English major to do?
Fortunately for you, there’s help.

Introducing Our Premium Membership

The English Major’s Guide is a supportive and insightful resource for English majors to ask questions, discover new ideas, develop career skills, and become job-ready – all so you can have a satisfying career.

Inside our Premium Member Library, you’ll learn all the strategies, tips, tricks, and secrets that help you rise to the top of the applicant pile. You’ll discover how your English degree really is a great asset, and you’ll finally learn – step by step – how to leverage your degree into a career.

At English Major’s Guide, we understand what you’re trying to accomplish by studying English, and we’re here to help you:

  • Figure out what skills employers actually want

  • Develop these skills in the fastest, most effective way possible


  • Stay motivated and inspired

  • Discover new jobs you might love


  • Create an attractive portfolio and show your work

  • Become more productive and efficient in your coursework

  • Receive mentorship and coaching

  • Stay up-to-date and in-demand with your job skills

Our Premium Library is advanced career education for English majors. Inside our Premium Library, we share the tactics, knowledge, and strategies that don’t show up in public content.

We present the best job prep strategies for English majors used today – while making sure to only share what works now, not outdated advice.

We’re speaking from experience, too. Unlike some job prep sites, we’re actually working English majors who have great jobs. Our organization, English Major’s Guide, was founded by Matt Hall, who was making 6 figures less than two years after finishing his master’s degree in English.

After leveraging our English major education to land jobs we love, it’s safe to say we’ve got a good grasp on what works and what’s a waste of time in 2016.


Becoming a Premium Member is like having your own personal mentor to guide you into the world of working writers, editors, and more.

Who Should Become a Premium Member?

Inside our Premium Member Library, you’ll find resources for just about any kind of English major job. Jobs like:


Whether you want to create engaging web content, write technical manuals, craft copy for commercials, or get a day job while writing your novel, you need to understand how modern writers work to get paid.


From long-form manuscripts to editing apps and web content, there’s never been a greater need for talented editors.


Yes, you can become a designer with an English degree; in fact, content and user experience designers with the right skills are in high demand.

Social Media Managers

Someone’s got to create engaging social media, and it might as well be someone with impeccable grammar.


Planning content experiences, coordinating marketing campaigns, and coordinating web design efforts are just some of the ways English majors could apply strategy skills.

Not to mention lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers, and more. Think of our Premium Membership as an advanced, ongoing course for anyone interested in getting a better job with an English degree.

The Benefits of Premium Membership

Here’s what you’ll have access to every month:

  • Special Premium Members-Only content including webinars, trainings, and more delivered via email weekly. You’ll stay up-to-date with current job hunting info and be able to immediate apply this information to your own career.

  • Instant access to all of our premium content. From building WordPress portfolios to automating your job search to crafting the perfect resume, you’ll find something that can help you today.

  • Special mentoring and coaching from the English Major’s Guide team, who you couldn’t hire for less than 10 times the membership cost.

  • Resume reviews, personalized advice, and other one-on-one help to make your career prep as unique as you.

  • Early access to all upcoming premium courses, ebooks, worksheets, and more. As long as you’re a member, you’ll always be able to access all of our paid content at no additional cost.

Plus, by becoming a Premium Member, you’ll support English Major’s Guide in our mission to help as many English majors get great jobs and transform the professional world.

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New Features & Content Coming Soon

Beginning December 2016: we’re adding more small courses to guide Premium Members into developing career skills.

Upcoming Course Names

  • The English Major’s Job Prep Workbook

  • How to Write Content for Profit – Even As An Undergrad

  • What Every English Major Should Know About Being a Professional, From Negotiating to Invoicing and More

  • Video Course: Getting Ready for a Job in 30 Days

These courses will be completely free of charge for existing Premium Members. We can safely place a value of $7 to $24 value on each; we’ll sell these separately, but they’ll be free to current Premium Members.

Let Us Help Guide Your Career Prep and Help You Build the Life You Want

“Not only have I begun to branch into lucrative freelance work myself, I recommend English Major’s Guide to every undergrad intern who comes through our doors.”

“I studied English because I wanted to lean into my strength as a writer for my career. Four years later I was a better writer, but had no idea how to make a career out of it. No one had answered the question, how do I turn my writing skills into a career? English Major’s Guide answers the question. “

Chris C.
Content Director

“The English Major’s Guide provided practical advice and real-world examples that are applicable, even after graduation.”

“The suggestions provided encouraging direction without being overbearing. It helped me to recognize different areas where my degree is valuable and applicable for not only finding a job, but finding a better job. Plus, the content is easy to follow and had thought-provoking activities that didn’t feel like busywork.”

Kirsten F.
Project Manager


“I wasn’t sure what to do after finishing my English degree, I now have a clear path to what I want to do next.”

“Thanks to The English Major’s Guide, I realized I wasn’t stuck teaching for the rest of my life. Now I’m on track to finish my MLIS degree and begin applying for jobs that pay $70,000 or more.”

Mika H.
MLIS Student

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The amount of education, guidance, and career direction in our Premium Member Library can easily help you earn an additional $5,000 to $20,000 at your next job. Over the lifetime of your career, this could mean making an extra $1.4 million compared to trying to go it alone.

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What English Major’s Guide Premium Membership Really Offers

There are dozens of ways you could learn how to get a job with your English degree – books, blogs, career counselors, and more.

But none of those gives you what Premium Membership offers.

No matter which school you’re attending.

We’ve created the ultimate resource designed explicitly for English majors who want to do something great. If you want a career that isn’t just clocking hours in an office – if you want to apply your passion and excitement that led you to study English to your career – then this resource is for you.

And with your support as a Premium Member, you’ll help us continue creating the best, most up-to-date resources for English majors.

Try Premium Membership for 30 days. If you’re not thrilled with the value you’re getting for the small investment, we’ll stop your membership with no hard feelings and never charge you again.

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Video: How to Speed Up Research with Google Scholar

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Get Instant Access To:

The English Major’s Guide to Getting a Job plus bonus materials

4 Perfect Resume Templates

Perfect Cover Letter Template

Semester Skills Development Worksheet

Mini-course: Build a Simple WordPress Portfolio Site in an Hour

Video: How to Automatically Research Skills for English Major Jobs

Video: How to Fix a Cover Letter in About 5-10 Minutes

Video: How to Speed Up Research with Google Scholar

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