Frequently Asked Questions

This seems insulting to English professors. What gives?

My goal isn’t to insult English professors. Instead, it’s to supplement the excellent education you learn in class with practical, real-world knowledge about finding a job.

In my experience, most English professors (especially in today’s adjunct-heavy higher ed environment) went from their undergraduate program to a graduate program to a PhD program to teaching. This didn’t give them much opportunity to participate in the job market, especially the current job market (which is very different than it was in 2001).

Current information related to finding a job simple isn’t the area of expertise for most English professors. And that’s okay – that’s why I’m here. 😉

Why do you charge?

Good question. I strongly believe in the value of education. In fact, I believe in it so strongly, I’m paying several thousand dollars out of pocket to build, promote, and maintain this website (and its offerings).

However, my goal isn’t to just create a “dead” site. I want to grow Proofwriting and The English Major’s Guide to Getting a Job so that as many English majors as possible have access to better job-prep resources.

After careful consideration, I determined the best way to make this project sustainable was to

Here’s why this is better than just funding everything out of my own pocket:

  1. Increased sustainability. I’m doing well, but what if that changes? What if my family has some unexpected, expensive crisis I couldn’t foresee? By separating the revenue fueling this project from my personal income, I can make sure this site continues serving you, the audience.
  2. Separation of work and family. Taxes are messy when you don’t clearly keep track of income streams. If I’m paying for this out of pocket, the line between work and family finances gets blurred – something accountants warn about.
  3. Greater transparency and accountability. I believe transparency is important for this project. I want to give English majors a realistic idea of what it costs to run a successful project, since this information could be helpful in making the transition from academia to the business world. By charging for the materials on this site, I can have the revenue completely separate from my own earnings, making complete transparency possible. This holds me accountable.

I’m not making a lot of money from this. I’m reimbursed somewhat for the time I spend working on the site, but I’m not getting rich.

Building wealth for wealth’s sake off the back of my fellow English majors feels wrong. And besides, if I were trying to get rich, targeting broke college students seems like a really poor choice of audience.

By purchasing a copy of the English Major’s Guide, you’re helping support the site and share the cost of advertising this important message to other English majors.

Will you be adding more bonuses in the future?

Yes! Whenever I see the need for bonus material, I’ll add it to the member’s area at no additional cost.

Will you update the guide in the future? How much will this cost me?

As the market changes, I’ll update The English Major’s Guide to reflect those changes. This will give you access to the latest, best information about job hunting possible.

The good news is that once you’ve purchased a copy of the guide, you’ll receive lifetime updates at no additional cost. Just keep checking your email, and I’ll let you know when updates are available.


I saw a grammar error. You’re bad at grammar.

That’s not a question, so we’re both wrong.

Grammar is important. However, not all of us can be editors/proofreaders/etc. I kind of hate proofreading, so I have other people help me with it. Sometimes they miss something. Sometimes I miss it. Sorry? If you see something that’s driving you insane, let me know

Why did it take so long to write and publish the guide?

Babies? No, really. I was trying to launch the guide before my kid was born. When that didn’t work out, I thought I’d use the time on paternity leave to finish this up.

That didn’t work out at all. Thus, I had a year of delays. It’s embarrassing, and I’m sorry. But I tried to create good bonuses to make up for it! Check out the members section to see videos, templates, and more to help you prepare for employment.

I have a different question.

Cool – head over to the Contact page, and ask away!